Play Online Video Poker

If you are a fan of casino entertainment, but you haven't tapped into the realm of online casinos yet, then what are you waiting for? Every single one of the beloved games you could think of has an online version you can enjoy from the comfort of the couch or bed in your room. Yes, that includes online video poker, of course. It's one of the most popular ones after all and also has a long history.

Understanding the Game


This game is basically a combination of poker and slots. If you play the normal slot machine, you don't really do anything except roll, stare at the screen and hope that luck will be on your side. Video poker incorporates slots into the game, but there is a little bit more input from the player. To some extent, they decide how the game will be played. How is that possible? Well, everything is computerized. Therefore, the probabilities and frequency of combinations can be calculated and used to your advantage, so there is a certain element of skill added to the mix. There's plenty of platforms that can teach you how to evaluate the odds and how to play better, but I'm here to give you a brief overview of what to expect.

Online Video Poker Is a Little Different

There may be a bunch of similarities between the virtual version and the off-line version, but there are major differences as well. The biggest one was already mentioned. Long story short, a virtual game is the more simplified, quicker version of the two and requires only the basic knowledge of poker rules in order to get some winnings. The systematic bets there are more consistent.

In comparison, off-line gaming is on a whole other level of intensity. There's hardly a way to predict what's going to happen, so people use different psychological skills. You need to be able to handle stress, remain calm under pressure, and manipulate your opponents.

How to Play Online Video Poker online video poker

The objective of the game is to score the highest possible hand of 5 cards. You receive your initial hand after the bet has been placed and then it's up to you to choose which cards to keep and which to discard in order to increase your score. The discarded ones will be replaced with new ones and the same thing happens again until you receive your final third hand. That final one will decide the winning or losing amount.

Getting Started

Google is your best friend in moments like these. There's plenty of search engines on the Internet that have already done the dirty work for you, plenty of websites that contain long compiled lists of the best online casinos to enjoy video poker at. You can filter them by categories, locations, ratings, which have the best bonuses, etc. These features will help you discover the perfect online casino for you.

After that, the last step is to just start having fun!