Play Live Games With The Best Odds

Live casinos are as close as you get to the excitement of the Vegas Strip. You get to enjoy all your favourite wagering options from the comfort of your home. Even so, you have to choose wisely when deciding what live games to play. After all, punters play with the hopes that they win. Finding games with the best odds raises your chances of making some money from your wagering skills when you play online. We will help you find live games with high chances of you coming out the winner.

What You Need To Know About House Edge

Live Games with the Best Odds

Before we say anything about the best odds for live games, we first have to touch on the house edge. You must have heard the phrase, "the house always wins." It refers to the house edge. Live games often have a house edge which is also referred to as the house advantage. It is an average of the percentage profits casinos keep when you wager. This has nothing to do with casinos cheating because online games are played with a random number generator (RNG) that gives random values to keep the game fair.

The house edge is reflected in the long term as it shows the percentage winnings per game casinos hope to make as punters keep playing. Let's take European roulette's edge of 2.7%, for instance. It then means that the house expects to keep $2.70 of every $100 wagered on the game. As such, a higher house edge means worse odds for the player. The best players reduce the house edge by playing the perfect strategy. Getting better at your favourite live table has the advantage of shifting the scales in your favour giving you the best odds.

Aside from getting better at your strategy, it helps to know what live tables give you favourable odds. So let's have a look at the live tables likely to win you more money even when you're yet to lock in the best strategy.

1. Blackjack - House Edge of 0.72%

Live Games with the Best Odds

Blackjack is one of the classic live games to win purely through your skill, thus giving you the best odds. Like any other classic game of skill, live blackjack has the best odds for the player. While an RNG is great and keeps the virtual alternatives competitive, live games are a whole new ballgame. The live dealer makes it exactly like the land-based version. Besides, you have different variants of the game, some of which reduce the house edge even lower.

Pontoon is an exciting iteration of the game with what Australian players consider favourable odds. The house edge for this version of the game is 0.34%. Of course, this is when you're using the optimal strategy as the game's house edge is 0.62%. Other popular variants of blackjack include; Atlantic City, Classic, and European Blackjack.

2. Baccarat - House Edge of 1.06%

Baccarat is yet another of the live tables to attain classic status as it gives good odds for punters who are good at it. The game is a favourite in Macau and enjoys just as much popularity as any other gambling destination you can think of. You have several alternatives to choose from when playing the game like; Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque, Chemin de Fer.

These days, you have virtual tables with demos that let you try out your best strategy before wagering for real money. The objective of the game is to back the hand you think will win the round between the player and banker's hands. While the banker's hand has the lower house edge of 1.06% as opposed to the player's hand, which has 1.24%, the former has a lower payout.

3. Roulette - House Edge from 1.35%

Live Games with the Best Odds

Roulette is easily one of the most played live tables. That's because the game is steeped in tradition and combines the perfect mix of chance and strategy. You have three main variants of the game to play in European, American, and French Roulette.

French Roulette: It's considered the very first version of the game. French roulette has the lowest odds of all the versions of the game at 1.35%. Aside from having the lowest edge, this version of the game also has the la partage rule that makes things even more interesting by paying the player half their wager when the ball lands on the green pocket (0). The bet remains valid for the next spin.

European roulette: It's the most played version of the game with a single-zero wheel and a house edge of 2.7%. The house edge for this game is half that of the American variant.

American roulette: The game has two green pockets for the single and double zero. With two pockets for the zeros, the wheel has fewer winning outcomes, which raises the house edge to 5.26%.

Aside from house edge, casinos offer the same game in three different ways or even more. This lets Australian real money casino players choose what game to play depending on different features like GFX, bonuses, jackpots and whether the game is virtual or live.

4. Craps - House Edge of 1.4%

Craps is one of the well-known live games. Thanks to the forward-thinking developers at Evolution Gaming, Australian online players can compete against live dealers. If you have played the game at all, then you know that a seven is the last thing you want to see on your dice roll. Use different strategies to raise your chances of winning and lower the house edge to make the game even more favourable.


Live games are exciting. Now you can have even more fun playing the best odds and use Australian casino bonuses. Get better at any of these games, and you are guaranteed to get some wins each time you play.