Australian Casino Bonuses Which Are Best for You

All online casinos try to attract new customers with various promotional offers such as first deposit bonuses, free spins, match deposit offers, attractive VIP/loyalty programs, and various other promotional tools. Used intelligently, these offers can reap great rewards for players and there are even instances of some lucky people making big bucks without depositing a penny, so it is important to find out which is the best option for you in this regard.

What are the Various Types of Australian Casino Bonuses in 2022?

australian casino bonus(es)

The most common (and best for a majority of regular players) type of casino bonus are deposit match offers. Put simply, you make a deposit and the operator will double (or sometimes even treble!) the amount so that you end up with a far greater amount available to you for wagering. As an example, a site may offer a 200% match option up to $500 of deposits followed by a 100% offer up to the next $2500 - in this instance, if you end up depositing $3000 (in one or many deposits), you will have a total of $6500 to wager with over time (your initial $3000 + another $1000 as a result of the 200% deposit match for the first $500 + another $2500 due to the 100% match for your remaining $2500 deposit). All regular/frequent players find this the best offer while playing/depositing. Keep in mind though, that all operators will have stringent requirements to fulfill (typical a certain quantum of punts) before you can withdraw any funds.

Another popular offer is the No Deposit Bonus in which you get free spins and/or free chips to wager with. This is mostly given as a "Welcome" promotion for new players and is the best option for anyone who is just giving online casinos a try, but here too it is common to have operators apply strict T&C's associated with these offers before they allow you to keep what you win (for example, even if you win $100 off a $5 free play, you would probably have to wager an amount close to the entire $100 again before your funds are released to you - simply because the website wants to give you every chance to lose your new-found wealth (or win again if you are on a lucky streak!).

Cashbacks are another common type of promotional offer offered by gambling operators. With this offer, you can get a refund on your wagers - this can be either a refund based on your losses or on the amount wagered. This is generally the best offer if you intend on playing frequently.

These are the best and most common types of offers available to Australian casino players - however, there may be others (typically different variations of the above) offered by different websites.

What Is the Best Way to Claim a Bonus Offer?

australian casino bonus(es)

Any promotional offer will typically have a code associated with it. For example, a 100% match deposit offer, for deposits up to $500, may have a code such as MATCH500 - in this case, there will be a field for your to enter a "Bonus Code" when you are making a deposit (most operators are quite public about the available offers and may automatically enroll you to a promotional offer or have the code easily visible for you during the deposit process).

If you are a new user who wants to play using free chips gained as a result of a welcome offer, without making a deposit, then you might have to enter a specific code while registering your account. Alternatively, the site may automatically load your account with the free chips on registering.

Whichever method you use, the most important thing to remember is that you must find the best offer for you and claim these Australian casino bonuses while depositing or playing, else you may just be letting go of free money. However, always remember that casino operators will require you to play a fair amount before allowing you to keep what you win.