All You Need to Know About Paysafecard Casinos in Australia

Paysafecard started as a prepaid card back when it launched in the year 2000. The payment option then made some slight adjustments, changing into a prepaid electronic voucher. By 2004 the payment option was gaining traction among online shoppers and by 2013 was a full-fledged payment alternative spread across over 20 countries across the globe. The launch of MyPaysafecard ushered it into new spheres, almost turning it into an electronic wallet. With the new service, online shoppers could have all their passwords saved into a single account. Today Paysafecard has grown into one of the most trusted payment options, having merged with Skrill. Now you have Paysafecard casinos as some of the most trusted in the industry.

Paysafecard for Australian Players

Paysafecard Casinos make it possible for players in Australia to use this mode of payment for their deposits and withdrawals. The best thing about such casinos for Australian players is that you don't need a debit, credit card, nor a linked bank account to use this alternative.

How to Make a Deposit

Paysafecard Casinos

The process of using Paysafecard online is quite simple, and most Australian players reckon that it's safer than using credit/debit cards. You have mobile apps that make things even more convenient to use on the Android or iOS platforms on your hand-held device. The steps to making deposits through Paysafecard areas listed below.

Step 1: Buy a Paysafecard Code

Use the Paysafecard app or site to find a location near you that uses Paysafecard. You don't pay any fees for your code, so you get the amount you pay for your code.

Step 2: Find an Online Casino to Play

Australian players have multiple online casinos to choose from that offer Paysafecard as a payment option. Registering your account takes a matter of minutes which gets you ready for real-money gambling.

Step 3: Get to the Payment Options Page

Now that you are a member at the casino, head on to the cashier section and click on the Paysafecard icon. Clicking on the icon leads you to a payment screen where you can make your deposit.

Step 4: Enter Your Code and Amount

Most casinos let you deposit anything between $10 and $1,000. High amounts of deposits can get made by combining multiple codes. It is important to note that you can use the amount from a single Paysafecard code and have the balance left for other transactions.

Step 5: Use Your Deposit to Play Paysafecard Casinos

Paysafecard transactions are instant, and Australian players can start using their bankroll as soon as the transaction is complete. Any top casino you deposit at charges no fees on deposits. However, it is important to note that Paysafecard has a 2% charge on payments done in different currencies from buying the code.

Withdrawals Using Paysafecard

Paysafecard Casinos

Nothing is better for real-money players than a payment option that lets you deposit and withdraw without having to switch your payment modes. The only hiccup here is that most casinos only let you deposit using Paysafecard codes and have no option for withdrawals. Even so, you have several that let you withdraw through My Paysafecard. Follow the steps below to make withdrawals using Paysafecard.

Step 1: Set Up an Account for My Paysafecard

My Paysafecard is the withdrawal option for Paysafecard casinos, so you want to create an account with the payment processor. Besides facilitating your withdrawals, registration helps you keep track of your codes and what balances they have left. We advise that Australian players use the same information on the Paysafecard Casino as on their My Paysafecard account.

Step 2: Head to the Cashier Section

While on your Paysafecard casino, click on the cashier section and click on the Paysafecard icon. Selecting the icon that indicates you want to use the mode for your withdrawal and proceed to the cash out screen.

Step 3: Make the Withdrawal

Most Paysafecard casinos have withdrawal limits per day set between $20 and $1,000. However, this is not set in stone, and some casinos have higher limits. Processing fees for withdrawals are catered to by the casino and not the player, so you don't have to worry about paying any fees. Click on the withdraw button, and your work is done. Give your withdrawal 24 hours of processing time, and you should have your winnings in your My Paysafecard account.

The Pros and Cons of Paysafecard Casinos

Paysafecard Casinos

There are some advantages of using this mode of payment, but it also comes with some drawbacks that you have to contend with.


  • A safe payment method where your details remain protected.
  • A large variety of online casinos accept the payment mode.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Quick withdrawals processed within the day.
  • User-friendly apps always ensure you are in control of your transactions.


  • Deposit limits are typically lower in comparison to other payment modes.
  • Customers have to buy codes from local brick-and-mortar stores.

Security and Support

Players always want a payment mode that protects their anonymity, and Paysafecard does just this. You don't have to share any personal or credit card details. Simply input your code to make deposits. Paysafecard is not a new payment method and has been around for two decades now, winning accolades for its innovations. Customer care at the company is quite satisfactory, so players can sidestep their casino and talk directly with the payment processor.


Paysafecard casinos are some of the most trusted you will play out there. This reputation comes from the solid business model behind Paysafecard. You get to keep your information private when making your deposits. What's more, you can make withdrawals as well when playing at Australian online casinos that offer Paysafecard. We advise players to choose the mode of payment whenever it's available.